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Partner with a 100 % Australian Team that takes care of all your WordPress website maintenance needs.

WordPress Maintenance Service Australia

WordPress Maintenance Service » Visual Development

No more unwanted disruptions

You don’t want your customers to tell you that your website is offline or broken. With monitoring tools and help with WordPress. Our WordPress maintenance team will work hard to keep your website on top of everything.

WordPress Maintenance Service » Visual Development

Be confident about your platform

We know how it feels to be anxious about what could go wrong. You can rest assured that we’re not just on it, we also specialise in it. Knowing what could go wrong and how to sort it is important to preventing issues and swiftly fixing the few that remain.

• Professional support when you need it

Professional support when you need it

Knowing that you can contact someone when you’re in a problem makes all the difference to your day-to-day operations. Feel free to contact our WordPress specialist team members so they can share their nerdy knowledge with you.

WordPress Maintenance Service » Visual Development
WordPress Maintenance Packages

WordPress Maintenance plans from $39.50 a month.

WordPress Maintenance Service

Professional service for small, medium and large websites located in Australia.

If you own a small, medium or large business, you may often find it difficult to keep your website up and running. With limited or qualified personnel and many things to do, there are never enough hours in a day. You therefore forget to keep an eye on the safety of your site, to update your plugins or to improve the performance of your site.

Our website maintenance plans ensure continuous improvement and security for your website. Guaranteed support and maintenance every month which helps to enhance your website.

No need to worry about your WordPress Website Plugins and theme Updates, Backups, Uptime, or Security Monitoring again!

We specialise in WordPress support services for small, medium and large sized websites located in Australia.

  • Around the clock security monitoring, providing 24/7 protection against viruses, bugs, malware and hackers.
  • Regular plugin updates, code optimisation and continual strengthening of potential vulnerabilities whilst overcoming any compatibility issues.
  • Frequent backing up to ensure the constant functioning, safely, securely and speedily.
  • Ongoing support and real-time monitoring to ensure constant performance, reduced gaps and adapt to the latest WordPress technology.

Check out our WordPress Maintenance packages today and discover the Visual Development difference for your business.

Skilled Management and Support for Your Website

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WordPress is constantly improving and evolving. Generally, there are 3-4 major feature updates every year, with several smaller tweaks along the way. Most good Themes and Plugins are also kept fresh with their regular improvements and own patches.

Staying on top of these updates enables the WordPress website to run more efficiently, look more attractive, and be more user-friendly and secure. However, it can take a lot of effort and time. That’s why Visual Development offers all-inclusive WordPress support and maintenance services, so you will never miss any updates and they will be installed and accustomed exactly to the requirements of your website.

Never worry about the updates of your WordPress website again. We take care of security backups, theme updates, core updates, plugin updates, and day-to-day tasks with our WordPress Support and Maintenance Services.

Website security is a key consideration; our service helps to keep your site as safe as possible through regular security patch update installation and security tools.  This helps to keep your website safe from any malevolent attacks due to outdated libraries and security vulnerabilities.

Visual Development takes the trouble out of keeping your WordPress website updated.  We take care of your website needs so you can easily focus on what you do best. Since our inception, we have been helping customers leverage their online experience, providing WordPress maintenance and support to keep websites up to date, smooth, backed up, and secure.

WordPress maintenance services Australia

WordPress maintenance for your business

WordPress Maintenance Services

Our WordPress maintenance team is always available to meet all of your website's WordPress needs. We have the experience that keeps your site up and running. We have the right people available to put in the time your site needs so you can focus on building your business.

We always monitor your website for any security gaps that may appear. When your site goes down, we're there and have the know-how and expertise to get it up and running as quickly as possible. Your online business thrives only when your site is available, which is why all of our WordPress maintenance packages are designed to keep you online.

Your site runs on the sturdy foundation WordPress provides, but that doesn't always mean it functions and operates the way you want it to.

You don't have time to deal with WordPress maintenance problems that occur.

Our WordPress team at Visual Development has the time and unparalleled experience to handle any problems that arise with your website.

At Visual Development, we believe that every business deserves a website that works, is easy to navigate for its customers, and helps you grow and succeed. That's why we've developed our extensive WordPress maintenance packages to pack all the power and knowledge of our WordPress geniuses at prices your business can afford.

Isn't it time that your business enjoyed a site that is monitored, secure, optimized, and backed by the latest, most innovated WordPress technologies available without having to do it all yourself?

Give your website the ultimate security tool to Visual Development's one-of-a-kind WordPress Maintenance with all the protection you need at WordPress prices you can afford.