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5 eCommerce Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

eCommerce Design

eCommerce has boomed during the pandemic and has now become the most convenient means for shopping for customers from wherever they are. For the success of an eCommerce website, elements like design, marketing and customer experience must be paid close attention to. And all these three elements have to be in sync. Imagine you have … Read more

5 Things to Expect from a Website Redesign Project

Website Redesign

A website redesign project involves a great amount of effort, time, and money. It is undertaken to give the website a fresh look for improved visibility in the SERPs and to offer a better customer experience. If done right, a well-designed website is the most powerful marketing tool. Not only does it improve your brand … Read more

How Fast Should My Website Load As I’m Losing Sales In 2022?

How Fast Should My Website Load As I’m Losing Sales In 2022? » Visual Development

The optimum website loading time is 1-2 seconds. In short, a website should load as soon as possible! The loading time is a mammoth impact on the success of a website. If your website takes very long to load, the bounce rate will surge. This will result in reduced traffic. You will end up losing … Read more

The Power Of Online Reviews For Small Businesses


When purchasing a product, published customer experiences are vital. In an eCommerce-centred world, we often turn to customer reviews for the final verdict. Customers have started putting their faith in the reviews of other consumers rather than companies and brands. Studies show that almost 94% of online shoppers said that a negative review persuaded them avoid visiting … Read more

3 Reasons Why Website Maintenance Is Critical in 2022

Website maintenance is a vital part of your web success.

Launching a website is just the start of an otherwise taxing yet fruitful journey. As they say, however, it’s not about how strong you start. It’s about how you maintain that momentum. With a properly website maintenance, you’ll have clicks and leads for years to come. Maintaining a website means many things. One, it means … Read more

How Much Does A Website Cost In 2022?


Several factors impact the final pricing of website development. Your website designers in Melbourne will break down the details and analyse the different costs that influence the website costs. While it is difficult to ascertain the actual expenses at the start, developers can prepare an approximate budget before starting with the website development. Whether you’re … Read more